We can fit up to 11 yds of cotton fabric or 5 yds of flannel into one flat rate legal envelope ($6.75 US / $24 Canada / $34 Worldwide). We will adjust all shipping charges as needed without requesting it. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. FOR ORDERS OVER $100

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Laurel Burch Whiskered Family Medium Hobo Tote LB5603 $25.00/each

Laurel Burch Cosmetic Bag LB2090B Feline Faces 8.99/each

Laurel Burch WHISKERED CATS COSMETIC BAG LB5321C Lime Green $8.99/each

Laurel Burch Whiskered Cats Crossbody PURSE LB5320-C Orange Strap $19/each

Laurel Burch Large Satchel Feline Clan LB5422 $19.99/each

Laurel Burch Medium Tote Eta & Friends LB5483 $22.99/each

Laurel Burch Moroccan Mares Crossbody LB2015 $18.99/each

Laurel Burch Polka Dot Gatos Crossbody LB4315 $18.99/each

Laurel Burch Carlott's Garden Long Sholder Tote LB5570 $33.00/each

Laurel Burch Whiskered Family Oversized Tote LB5600 $39.00/each

Laurel Burch Flutterbye Shoulder Tote LB5670 $33.00/each

Laurel Burch Stacked Whiskered Cats Crossbody Tote LB5643 $21.00/each

Laurel Burch Love Horses Crossbody Tote LB5683 $18.00/each

Laurel Burch Indigo Cats Flap Clutch LB5750B $23.00/each

Laurel Burch Polka Dot Cats Flap Clutch LB5750E $23.00/each

Laurel Burch FantastiCats Shoulder Tote LB5230 $35.00/each

Laurel Burch Ocean Song Crossbody Tote LB5402 $24.00/each

Laurel Burch Carlotta's Cats Hobo Scoop Tote LB5492 $25.00/each

Laurel Burch Wild Horses Of Fire Shoulder Tote LB4840 $35.00/each

Laurel Burch Dog & Doggies Cosmetic Bags lb5335 $21.00/each set of 3

Laurel Burch Cosmetic Bag LB2090D Jio's Cat 8.99/each

Laurel Burch Totes LB4880C Cats with Umbrella Mini Cosmetic Bag $8.99/each

Laurel Burch Totes LB4880D Fuchsia Feline and Flutterbyes Mini Cosmetic Bag $8.99/each

Laurel Burch Totes LB4880E Colorful Kitties Mini Cosmetic Bag $8.99/each


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